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Relaxing Reflexology- the Reset button you need!

My treatments in Soul to Sole Reflexology & Wellness are tailored to your needs. They include: Face, ear, hand, foot, Fertility, Menopause or Hot/cold Stone Reflexology. Gua Sha Facial or Face Reflexology is ultre relaxing too!

Gua Sha Reflexology works on the following to leave you with a glowing complexion and above all, reset and relaxed.

It works on circulation, lifting, lymphatic drainage and wrinkles. The cool, smooth rose quartz or jade tools feel so smooth and luxurious on the skin- just the treatment you want!

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Relaxation, wellness, rewind. Suffering from hay fever or sinuses .. reflexology helps immensely! Neck, shoulder pain, insomnia, anxiety.. reflexology may help here, book today and give it a try! soul

Fertility Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology is a tailor made treatment with specific protocols to help assist you on your fertility journey. The techniques for reproductive reflexology have been developed over many years a


Fertility Reflexology treatments that I offer are tailored to your needs. Following a consultation and discussion, I plan a series of treatments using particular protocols based on your menstrual cycle or a speciifc condition ie endometriosis, PCOS, going for ICSI or IVF, FET, unexplained infertility etc. It's not a one size fits all generic approach but one that is specific to where you and your partner are at!

Often, many people leave going for Reflexology until they have unfortunately had numerous IVF or ICSI assisted conception treatments. These come at huge financial, mental wellbeing, physical and emotional costs.

However, the success of such procedures may actually not be necessary or indeed may be greatly enhanced and hopefully successful by having…


Latest Post and Update: FERTILITY and Face Reflexology

Hello all! Apologies for not updating in a while. It's been holiday season for me, plus I've been doing some supplementary Reflexology training in Fertility, Hot Stone Reflexology and Face and Gua Sha Reflexology.

FRCC Face Reflexology and or Combined Gua Sha Reflexology is so relaxing, balancing and nurturing. Additionally, it can help to improve circulation, lymphatic draining, lifting and work on wrinkles.

Vouchers are available and can be emailed to you - ideal gift for any occasion and ideal birthday or Christmas Gift.

Last year, I completed Barbara Scott's fantastic training in REFLEXOLOGY FOR FERTILITY.

This is an area of Reflexology close to my own heart, having gone through unsuccessful attempts…

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